Wall Tile Reglazing – San Diego

looking for a tile reglazing in San Diego?

Tile Wall Reglazing – Are you interested in replacing your bathroom wall tile?

Replacing bathroom wall tile is often considered at the same time a bathtub is replaced. And like quality bathtub refinishing you can save you up to 80% of replacement costs refinishing your bathroom tile walls.

Whether you have chipped tile or grout missing, or you want a complete bathroom makeover, refinishing is a more affordable alternative than replacing your tile wall. South Bay Refinishers offers a variety of colors and textures.


tile-wall-refinishing before     tile-wall-refinishing after

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South Bay Refinishers is the county’s leader for bathtub and kitchen refinishing services in San Diego neighboring cities: Carlsbad, Poway, San Marcos, Ocean Side, Orange county, Riverside and Irvine . We work with commercial and residential clients to achieve a beautiful bathroom and kitchen look.


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