San Diego Bathtub Refinishers

San Diego Bathtub Refinishers

San Diego Bathtub Refinishers

Both porcelain bathtubs and fiberglass bathtubs can be repaired and beautifully restored to look and feel like “new” through the process of refinishing. Refinishing involves the application of an incredibly durable and resilient hi-tech finish that is applied onto your bathtubs right in your home, avoiding the hassle and high costs of replacement. The entire process takes within a half of a day and just 24 hours to completely cure and dry, meaning you will have your bathtub looking like new in no time at all.


Most people would have a hard time telling the difference between a new bathtub and a bathtub refinished by Porcelain and Fiberglass Maintenance. With a restored, smooth, glossy surface, a bathtub is much easier to keep clean. With proper care and maintenance, bathtub refinishing can last up to 10 years giving you the peace of mind that your newly refinished tub will be enjoyed for years to come.

Commercial Bathtub refinishing in San Diego

South Bay Refinishers in San Diego work with commercial and residential clients to achieve a beautiful bathroom and kitchen look.

Looking for a bathtub refinishing in San Diego?

SouthBay Bathtub Refinishers in San Diego will help you repair and refinish your bathroom

Residential Bathtub Refinishing in San Diego

SouthBay Bathtub Refinishers in San Diego will help you repair and refinish your bathroom

South Bay Refinishers is Your Local San Diego Solution for Bathtub and Kitchen Refinishing.

Refinishing not only saves you a tremendous amount of money, most job can be completed the same day, as everything stays in place. You could be using your beautiful tub and tile the very next day. The new finish is extremely durable, easy to clean, and can be applied in any color.

South Bay Bathtub Refinishers  is licensed and insured. We focus on quality and are known throughout San Diego for the work we do. We work quickly so you can begin using your tub almost immediately. There’s no reason to have your bathroom out of commission for days and that’s why we offer the services that we do. Once we leave, it can dry for a few hours and be put back into use.

There are all sorts of tubs that we work with. Bathtubs, jacuzzitubs, shower stalls, laundry sinks, bathroom sinks, kitchen sinks, and even antique bathtubs can be worked on in New York so they look better than ever before.

We will take a look at your tub and then talk about what you want to see done. We can handle:

Each of these are going to provide a different appearance and involve a slightly different process based upon what you want to accomplish. We can change the color, address damage, improve the grip at the bottom of the tub, and much more.

We have worked with landlords of apartment buildings in San Diego. Even the ugliest of tubs can turn out beautiful because of our ability to dissolve old enamel, strip the coating away, fix scratches, and apply a completely new coating.

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